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2021-September-22: Notice to MalwareBytes users
Recent version of MalwareBytes may report CompuTime101 as harmful or block various functions as a possible exploit. Based on customer feedback the following setting update appears to resolve the issues:
Settings -> Security -> Exploit Protection -> Manage protected applications -> disable Microsoft Access shield
It may also be necessary to download and install the latest CompuTime101 update to repair the sofwtare in the event it still does not work properly after updating this MalwareBytes setting.

2019-November-13: Error 3340 (corrupt query) when processing punches
Microsoft Office security updates released on Patchday (November 12, 2019) cause Access to fail to access databases. An error 3340 ‘Query is corrupted’ will be dropped.
It appears that a security update for the CVE-2019-1402 vulnerability in each version of Microsoft Office causes this error. Here is the list of Office security updates that you can uninstall.
Office 2010: Description of the security update for Office 2010: November 12, 2019 (KB4484127)
Office 2013: Description of the security update for Office 2013: November 12, 2019 (KB4484119)
Office 2016: Description of the security update for Office 2016: November 12, 2019 (KB4484113)
Additional updates that may need to be uninstalled are KB4484160 and KB4484164
From what we’ve seen so far, uninstalling the security update seems to allow database access again.

2018-June-06: Report E-Mail Service Update (revised)
Current e-mail service settings:
Server Address:
Port Number: 587
Use SSL: False
Password: B6CL6MY7
From Name: CompuTime101 Report<>

2018-May-08: Report E-Mail Service Update
There has been a change in the default report e-mail service. If you are not sending report e-mails through your own e-mail servers, the following settings need to be updated (available in v3.722 and newer): When "Adobe Acrobat (PDF) & E-Mail" is selected as the report view an SMTP button will appear. Click the SMTP button and in the Username and From Name fields change to
If needed, software version updates are available at

2016-May-11: Notice to Norton Antivirus/Security users (show)
A recent Norton update causes Microsoft Access to crash/error immediately upon opening.
Manually running a Live Update in the Norton program should resolve the issue.

2014-June-3: Notice to Avast! antivirus users (show)
A recent Avast! program and/or virus definition update has caused the antivirus program to remove an important DLL file associated with clock communication for the XLS, CFR, and MB series clocks. When downloading punches the CompuTime101 software will produce a Windows DLL/File Error. The recommended fix is as follows:
  1) Temporarily disable the Avast! program
  2) Download and install the latest update from
       note: if the currently installed CompuTime101 version is earlier than or equal to v3.717 then download and install v3.717, otherwise download and install the latest version (currently v3.727) or newer beta if appropriate
  3) In the Avast! settings add a global exception for the C:\CT101\ folder
You should now be able to enable the Avast! program without further issue