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Updates listed are for CompuTime101 v3 series only
Updates are a patch only, a full version software must be installed already
Update v3.727 and higher should be applied to v3.717 or higher

Click Here to download prior official version
(v3.717 apply to earlier versions before updating to newer versions)

Click Here to download the recent official version
(v3.727 apply to earlier versions before updating to newer versions)
Software Updates

Click Here to download the latest official version
(v3.747) requires Access 2007+

Access 2003 users:
Click Here to download the latest official version
Click Here
to download the latest beta software version
(v3.745 posted 2020-Feb-17)

Update instructions:
- Save the update file to your computer
- Exit the CompuTime101 software
- Open/run the downloaded update file as Administrator
- After the installation has completed, open the CompuTime101 software and login (if you have moved the database from the default location you may have to specify its current location from File-->Software Utilities-->Advanced-->Link Database). You will be prompted to update the database if it is an older version (not all software updates require a database update).
- If the software is installed on more than one computer you must repeat this procedure on all computers
- After all computers are updated check the settings in the Global Company Rules and verify their accuracy

Notice to QuickBooks Users - Hour Type Codes And Export Configuration Settings Must Be Re-Configured After Update
After installing the update all users should verify preferences in the Global Company Rules and re-configure payroll export settings if necessary

CompuTime101 Version History Notes (v3 series):
click here for prior version release notes
  • NEW Work Code Department Summary report and export
  • NEW Work Code Summary Condensed report and export
  • Fixed in/out status determination (swipe & go) for punches downloaded from CompuTime Online
    1. v3.728
    2. no public release, see v3.730
    1. no public release, see v3.730
    1. Updates database to DBv27
    2. NEW Overtime Level 2 added (double time) for daily or weekly hours
    3. NEW California 7th day overtime added
    4. NEW Supports different overtime rules for different employees (*requires Professional upgrade)
    5. NEW Employee image on employee form, loads file named 1234.jpg in \CT101\img\ folder
      (replace 1234 with the employee pin/clock number)
    6. NEW Department filter added to punch preview
    7. NEW Assign wages by work code (*requires Code Collection upgrade)
    8. NEW Global wage assignment to make retroactive bulk wage rate changes
    9. NEW Hours By Type and Day (Generic) export
    10. NEW Punches CSV Simple 1 export
    11. NEW Hours (BCNYC) export
    12. NEW Hours (RCC) export
    13. NEW EdmundsMCSJ export
    14. NEW CenterPointe Solutions Payroll export
    15. NEW Out punches by time report
    16. NEW Hours summary by week report
    17. UPDATED reports and exports include Overtime Level 2
    18. Fixed shifts by time assignment with international date formats
    19. Changed work code export totals to hours.minutes in decimal instead of total of minutes
    20. Removed weekly groupings from hours summary report (see hours summary by week report)
    1. Updates database to DBv28
    2. NEW Paychex (Punches Only) export
    3. NEW VikingPunches export
    4. UPDATED Sentric Payroll export, option to include shift
    1. NEW OCBC Condensed report and export
    2. Added line separators between days on punch preview quick report and employee time sheets report
    3. Fixed decimal length for OT2 on several reports
    4. Fixed incorrect OT2 totals when an out punch changed to become an in punch
    5. Fixed wages were not properly hiding on all reports when show wages box was unchecked
    6. Changed Viking export, removed department and changed unpaid leave header name to total
    1. Updates database to DBv29
    2. NEW PBJ XML export
    3. NEW CCRTA export
    4. NEW Hours (Generic) by Week export
    5. Added filtering (employee, department, site, shift) to Who’s In/Out report
    1. NEW Trinet export
    2. Updated PBJ export as per v2.2 Dec 2016 manual, hours formatted in 10ths with forward rounding (1-6 minutes=.1, 7-12 minutes=.2, etc...)
    3. Updated OCBC Report/Export, split benefit hours to new line
    4. Fixed table NonCalcEmp errors
    1. NEW DataPro Accounting export
    2. Updated OCBC Report/Export, include employees with only benefit hours
    1. Updates database to DBv30
    2. Added Payroll Id field for employees
    1. NEW CheckMark Payroll (basic) export
    2. NEW Reliable Payroll (Regeis format) export
    1. NEW Added form to add bulk global punches
    2. UPDATED PBJ export provides details for export errors
    3. UPDATED PBJ export to fileSpecVersion 2.00.3
      Hire date requirement removed, optional in PBJ Version 2.3 April 2017
    4. Fixed OT calculation when mixing weekend overtime and no overtime for different employees
    5. Fixed Nethris export overtime calculation
    6. Fixed deleted punches were not saving to the deleted punches table
    1. NEW PC Payroll export
    2. Added Payroll Id field to optional fields when adding new employee. Defaults to employee id if left blank
    3. Fixed database stats reporting
    1. Updates database to DBv31
    2. NEW Sage HRMS export
    3. Added count of days worked option to EasyPay v2 export
    4. Increased clock site number limit from three to four digits (9999 max site number), 998 and 999 are still reserved numbers
    5. Fixed bug preventing punches from downloading from CompuTime Online (web punch)
    1. NEW New Aces export
    2. Added dropdown select menu to navigate between shifts
    3. Added Use SSL on/off option to email SMTP settings
    4. Updated default report email SMTP settings
    1. Updates database to DBv32
    2. NEW Supports new "Next Generation" Compumatic clock models: MultiBio v2, XLS 21 v2, XLS Bio v2
    3. Updated Evolution Payroll export to ask to include hourly wage field
    4. Updated manage employee templates form: combined face/finger/badge clocks, new templates for v2 clock models
    5. Updated click sites form: added dropdown select menu to navigate between shifts, updated clock management functions for Compumatic models
    6. Improved break totals report, added in/out and period totals
    1. NEW Supports "Access Only" punch with MultiBio v2, XLS 21 v2, and XLS Bio v2 to trigger door lock relay without recording a time & attendance punch transaction
    2. NEW PUSH PUNCH support on v2 models, clock sends punches to offsite server for later download to CompuTime101 (requires Windows 7+, IE8+ with TLS1.2 enabled)
    3. NEW Tapis/Fidelity payroll export
    4. Fixed upload/download user templates with multiple clocks
    1. NEW Supports new "Next Generation" Compumatic clock model: CFR-20/20 v2
    2. NEW Oasis payroll export
    3. Updated Paychex (Punches Only) export, format punch medium time (removed seconds)
    1. NEW Paychex Flex / Atrium Spec payroll export
    2. NEW Hours (AKDI) payroll export
    3. NEW Medlin payroll export
    4. NEW Paylocity payroll export
    5. NEW Accudata payroll export
    6. NEW Added show absent to Department Detail and Department Summary reports
    7. Revised OasisPayroll export, bi-weekly pay period will export separate weekly totals
    8. Revised OasisPayroll export, added employee wage
    9. Revised ID # labels to Employee # on employee forms
    10. Revised view reports buttons, will update punch data if reports form was already open
    11. Revised employee name entry, characters " ’ & not allowed
    12. Revised department name entry, characters " ’ & not allowed
    13. Fixed some situations that caused error 0 when processing punches
    14. Fixed com auto detect for pin/prox/fingerprint XLS 21 and XLS Bio clocks
    1. NEW Paymedia export for iSolved payroll
    2. NEW Ceridian Insync Costing export
    3. Revised Pin (Clock) # labels to Clock User ID on employee and add employee forms
    4. Fixed data field types for upgrade codes
      Requires Access 2007+
    1. NEW Benefit hours added with hour type OT or OT2 will be treated as overtime (OT) or double time (OT2) as a forced/manual override. Hours will be added as daily overtime.
    2. NEW JCM ADP export w/ shift and work code grouping and columns
    3. NEW ASGOV export
    4. NEW QuickBooks 2022+ (.IIF) export, supports desktop versions that no longer import a Timer file
    5. Fixed dll register issue with some antivirus programs including MALWAREBYTES
    6. Fixed Break Totals Report, period totals did not display properly if > 23 hours 59 minutes